Caitlin and Gary’s Lavender Suite

This past October very good friends of mine tied the knot, and I was lucky enough to work with them to create a custom suite. The bride loved lavender and had a color scheme of purple and navy. How amazing. After several revisions, we landed on this gorgeous suite.


The suite featured a hand illustrated lavender border and hand calligraphed details.



The bride wanted to wrap the invitation suites in ribbon, so we were able to source an absolutely gorgeous purple velvet ribbon. What a treat for her guests to pull these beauties out of the mailbox!


For their ceremony and reception paper we brought in the lavender in the form of a small wreath surrounding their calligraphed initials.  It flowed so nicely from the invitations.



It was so fun to create these one-of-a-kind masterpieces for such an amazing couple!

Maternity Photo Shoot

I like to dabble in photography, and I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful woman (who also happens to be a beautiful pregnant woman) and her husband. It wasn’t the best day as far as weather goes, but we were lucky enough to get a reprieve from the rain and thunderstorms.


I was absolutely sticky and sweaty (good thing I wasn’t in front of the lens). I do have a tendency to get down in the grass and practically roll around. All in the sake of getting the shot. But our mom-to-be stayed beautiful and perspire-free the entire shoot. Talk about glowing!


I had so much fun taking these photos, and I can’t wait to welcome this little one into the world — of course with some beautiful paper!




Botanicals Everywhere!

Botanicals seem to be making frequent appearances in event stationary these days. It is no different in wedding stationary! I for one love this theme, and have run with it in many of Honeybee Paper designs.

There is something super fresh and inviting about florals and other flora. It probably has something to do with the fact that we find them outside, and let’s be honest, a little nature does the soul good!

From left: Botanical Embrace, Rosy Wreaths, and Lemon Fields

From left: Botanical Embrace, Rosy Wreaths, and Lemon Fields

Wedding stationary and botanicals seem to marry perfectly together (pun totally intended!) and when you combine it with the perfect summer wedding, there is nothing not to love!

Bottom line, Honeybee Paper is in love with botanicals!