Amy & Jeff’s Beachy Watercolor Save the Date

I had the pleasure of creating a custom design for Amy  and Jeff’s Memorial Day Weekend wedding. In addition to incorporating their color palette of coral and aqua, the couple also wanted to include the infinity symbol. It’s totally their thing- he had a custom ring made that includes the symbol (I know, soooo adorable, right?!).

We bounced around a few ideas, and landed on this airy and casual design. Totally a reflection of them — you can totally tell that about them from their photo!

I can’t wait to design and share their wedding suite!

Soft hues and watercolor make this save the date a beachside wedding dream.

Soft hues and watercolor accents make this save the date a beachside wedding lover’s dream.


A Glittering Bachelorette Weekend

Bachelorette weekends are all the rage now. Why just have one night with your besties when you can enjoy two or three!?!  And why not have some gorgeous stationery to go with it. That’s what I say at least. This little number was for exactly that purpose, requested by a super thoughtful maid of honor.

It was so much fun creating this Bachelorette suite, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Glitter Bachelorette Party Suite

This amazing suite was based on Honeybee Paper’s Glitz & Glam bridal shower invitation.

All design and calligraphy done by Honeybee Paper Co. Photo credits Megan Veliz 


When to Send? A Guide to Mailing Your Wedding Stationery

Wedding planning can be confusing. Wedding etiquette can be REALLY confusing. There are entire books on wedding etiquette that can be super helpful and I recommend you choose one.  An important part of wedding planning is actually letting your guests know when and where they should plan celebrating your nuptials. When is the appropriate time to let them know? So for today we will focus on the topic of sending your wedding stationery.

When Should You Send?

You should always be using your wedding date as the starting point for determining  the “checkpoints”, if you will, for the outlined timeline. Instead of writing all the exact details, perhaps a nice little infographic is the best way to go!


The key is giving yourself enough time. Envelope addressing/stuffing/stamping can take time. Choosing a design can take time. Working with a Calligrapher takes time. Creating a custom design, if you go that route, takes time. You get the point. The following opinion may be biased (wink wink), but wedding stationery is one of the most fun parts or wedding planning! So give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it!