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Being pregnant can be hard….being a mom can be even harder. So I am pulling the pregnant/mom card combo as the reason why I fell so far behind on sharing amazing things I have had the pleasure to work on. I am working to get caught up, but thought I would share some of Baby E’s newborn photos (not only is being a new mom really hard, but so is doing your own newborn shoot — I’m still not sure what I was thinking). She’s a whopping four months old now, and nothing but amazing and beautiful (mom brag).

She is the light of our world, and, thanks to a hairdryer, she was a pretty awesome client.




IMG_5198 IMG_5221

And here is the beautiful little girl today. Turning five months old soon, and it is going so fast!


Rainbow Baby Isabella

Baby Isabella was such a sweet girl, and we had a wonderful session. Mom and Dad were so obviously in love with this little bundle — can you blame them?!

She certainly didn’t want to miss all the action! Her little peepers were open for some of the session — but eventually, dreamland overtook her.

This little one is definitely is a rainbow baby, lighting up the room and filling it with nothing but pure joy.  I hope you enjoy! :)









Winter Baby Christopher

This little boy was such an angel during his session. The weather was perfect and the warm sunlight filled the room as I captured this beautiful little family.  Mom and dad sure are lucky to have this little one! Enjoy!





Matt & Dana’s Very Autumn Engagement Session

These two are some of the most fun, quirky (in the best way ever), silly people. It was such a wonderful experience for me to capture their engagement photos on a perfect fall afternoon. I couldn’t even contain my squeaks of excitement as I went through these photos. I can’t even with the corn husks and the almost-smooches, and the pumpkins. And I can’t wait to share with your their Save the Dates! Enjoy!

Sweetest Moments Photography

I know- I can’t deal with the sweetness either

Sweetest Moments PhotographySweetest Moments PhotographySweetest Moments PhotographySweetest Moments PhotographySweetest Moments Photography All photo credits to Sweetest Moments Photography

Honeybee Paper has a new sister!

Big announcement! After more requests for photography sessions, it just made sense for Honeybee Paper Co. to have a sister company. Enter Sweetest Moments Photography! Specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography, I would love to capture your sweetest moments! I also love taking engagement sessions as well (my passion for love and weddings). Basically any time that is special and personal in people’s lives I love capturing. Website to come soon! Sweetest Moments Photography will be sharing the Sweetest Moments Blog, so check back for sneak peaks of more photography sessions!

Sweetest Moments Photography website coming soon at, but in the meantime, email at and like on FacebookSweetest Moments Photography